“How much nature do we need?” is a question the Salazar Center is working to bring to the forefront of the conservation conversation, and we’re interested in emerging ideas on this topic such as the 30×30 goal, Half Earth, and Nature Needs Half. The large landscape conservation movement in North America is foundational to this goal of preventing and reversing the loss of our continent’s natural places, so in this installment of our Connecting for Conservation series, Dr. Rebecca Shaw and Heath Nero provided background about the groups working to preserve these landscapes and how they’re doing it, and the scientific basis for the movement.

Photo by Xavier Fane, xavierfane.com; courtesy of The Trust for Public Land.

Dr. Rebecca Shaw

Chief Scientist, World Wildlife Fund

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Heath Nero

Conservation Program Officer, The Wyss Foundation

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June 3, 2020 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

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Dominique Gómez: dominique.gomez@colostate.edu

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  • Connectivity
  • Healthy landscapes
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