Big conservation challenges require creative approaches and new ways of thinking. In response, the Salazar Center lends support to innovative conservation solutions and leaders.

The Challenge

The climate is changing, biodiversity and healthy connected ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming rate, and our growing world population now exceeds 7.5 billion people. Tried-and-true approaches to conservation—including traditional funding models—are no longer enough.

Our Approach

We offer the Conservation Impact Prize, a yearly incentive prize to inspire innovative solutions and action across North America. We invite cross-disciplinary teams representing multiple sectors to apply.

The prize is not only an investment in potential conservation breakthroughs: the process serves to foster cross-sector collaborations, identifies relevant policy issues and opportunities for further consideration and advocacy, and forms the basis a library of case studies and resources for others to benefit and learn from—and for other funders to support.

The inaugural prize is the Connectivity Challenge, which invites teams to submit proposals that drive innovation in landscape connectivity for habitat and community benefit. The winning proposal will receive $100,000 to implement the project. For more information and to apply, visit

“The Salazar Center is designed, in part, to invest in cutting-edge ideas and world-class conservation leaders. The Conservation Impact Prize was launched with the understanding that human activities are fragmenting North America’s wild places and green spaces. Extraordinary innovation is needed to protect and enhance our most beloved landscapes and to support community health and resilience.”

Ken Salazar, former US Secretary of the Interior and founder of the Salazar Center