In 2022, four CSU students who identify as people of color were awarded $2,000 each and had the opportunity to learn a range of technical and artistic skills related to filmmaking and visual storytelling. These students worked as a film crew with professional filmmakers and cinema equipment to produce, shoot, and edit a short documentary.

Students also received mentorship from members of Next 100 Colorado—a BIPOC coalition for and by the next generation of environmental leaders, working to build a more inclusive, equal, and just future. The theme of the film was crafted collaboratively by the students and their mentors and highlighted BIPOC experiences related to conservation and environmental justice.  

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Elevating Voices Screening Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to support organizations or individuals who would like to screen the film. We encourage those who screen the film to also organize either panel discussions or dialogues alongside the film so that viewers can reflect and learn more about the themes presented in the film. The following document presents guidance to support these screenings, with a focus on support for organizers who wish to involve speakers who can address the themes of the film and/or who wish to foster discussion among those themes.

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This program has been designed by the CSU Salazar Center for North American Conservation and Next 100 Colorado and is funded by the Gates Family Foundation. Questions may be directed to